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Kurttis Shipcott, Kurtis USA, LLC


Traditional Retail is Dying, but E-Commerce is thriving. Jon Berezay and Kurtis Shipcott discuss the top 5 opportunities in E-Commerce as recently suggested in Entrepreneur Magazine on this episode of the Surf Goggles Chronicles.



In this minisode of the Surf Goggles Chronicles

  1. Where to start? –
  2. Sell your Knowledge: Webinar, Videos Series, E-book –
  3. ETSY – Will do over 700 Million in Sales This Year –
  4. Dropping Shipping or Maybe Not –
  5. Affiliate Marketing: 6.5 Billion by 2021 –
  6. Highly Scalable and Low Cost –
  7. Selling DIY, Patterns and Designs –
  8. Moonlight to Freedom –


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