SGC EP24 – 5 Psychological Burdens of Growing Your Brand! Long Before Warby Parker, Kurtis was Surfing & Dreaming of Saving Surfers Eyes. Entrepreneur Magazine – Jayson Demers

Kurttis Shipcott, Kurtis USA, LLC


In this episode of The Surf Goggles Chronicles, Kurtis Shipcott reminds us, building your brand is not just kiteboarding with Sir Richard Branson and surfing with world champions.  “It’s not often talked about, but being an entrepreneur is lonely.” Jayson Demers.



In this minisode of the Surf Goggles Chronicles

  1. Accountability – If your brand fails it’s your fault! –
  2. The Financial Stress & Uncertainty –
  3. Reluctant to Trust… It’s your baby after all. –
  4. Work Life Balance or Work Life Integration – either way it’s 16 hour days of work. –
  5. Loneliness – Yes, not all those hours are social, fun or rewarding. –
  6. Now you know why so many entrepreneurs meditate or exercise first thing in the morning.

If you’re early in your business you’ll be aware of these pitfalls.  If you’re all in and the peddle is to the metal then you’ll be glad to know you’re not crazy.  Enjoy the bipolar rollercoaster of Surf Goggles Chronicles Podcast Titles & descriptions plus show notes.




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