SGC EP19 – Hacks, Apps & Tools You Need! – Surfer Entrepreneur – Saving You Time & Money – Surfing Sunglasses – Top 5 Apps


Kurttis Shipcott, Kurtis USA, LLC

Which tools do we use to save time and money?  How does Kurtis make his instagram, facebook and tumblr feeds pop?  Implement the Five, Five, One approach or save time and money with these killer apps, hacks and tools used by these two surfing entrepreneurs.

In this minisode of the Surf Goggles Chronicles

  1. The Over App –
  2. Using video and creating killer collages –
  3. Pic, Play, Post –
  4. Effort vs Efficiency –
  5. Instagram, Hootsuite and Buffer –
  6. Pull don’t Push –
  7. Gmail for Business –
  8. Tags, Folders and Alias E-Mails –
  9. Trello –

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