SGC EP16 – Management – Will You Sink or Swim?  How I Built This – An Introvert & A Surfer!



Kurttis Shipcott, Kurtis USA, LLC


Got Fear?  Sure you do, but 90% of it won’t come true!  Jon and Kurtis respond to questions from listeners involving how to build and manage your first employees or independent contractors.  If an Introvert and a surfer can do it so can you – No Fear!




In this minisode of the Surf Goggles Chronicles

  1. It’s All Just Fear! –
  2. Jon is an Introvert & a Manager –
  3. Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable –
  4. What Is Your Why? –
  5. Having a Big Enough Why Minimizes All Fear. –
  6. Volunteer for FREE Managment Experience. –
  7. Hire A Virtual Assistant as a First Employee –
  8. Throw A Party or Lead A Fundraiser –
  9. Excuses Be Gone!


Volunteer your way to gain valuable management experience for FREE.  Jon and Kurtis offer many actionable items to help increase your confidence in building a team.  You will be better by doing then hesitating in fear.  Want to help Jon and Kurtis?  Please subscribe to #SGC on itunes and ask them a question at




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