SGC EP10 – Keeping Clear Expectations – Contracts

Kristen Prinz, The Prinz Law Firm

In this minisode Kurtis talks contracts with Kristen Prinz @PrinzLawFirm .  How to create clear expectations for both parties.   How to avoid a legal battle through contracts and save money through mediation.

In this episode of the Surf Goggles Chronicles:

  1. Basic Contracts
  2. One page with bullet points for clarity and agreement
  3. How Kurtis lost $3600 with an e-mail / verbal contract
  4. Bamboo Sunglasses by Kurtis – Sunglasses made of Bamboo
  5. Unlimited License and full ownership
  6. Bad Contracts vs Good Contracts
  7. What is the penalty for non honoring your contract?
  8. What is the out clause?

Surf Goggles Chronicles – Keep a strong vision and go for it.  How two guys in their garage launched Kurtis Eyewear into an international brand with proven sales in all 50 states and 65 countries.  Concept to market stories shared by Kurtis and Jon with special entrepreneur guests, best selling authors and industry experts.

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