SGC EP7 – All About Patents & How to Save Money!


Kurttis Shipcott, Kurtis USA, LLC


Kurtis Shipcott discusses how he wrote his first Utility Patent and why he filed for design patents in this minisode of the Surf Goggles Chronicles.  Do you need a patent?  What are you protecting?  Claims?  How to patent on a shoestring and why you should hire an expert.


In this minisode of the Surf Goggles Chronicles


  1. Utility vs Design Patents
  2. Surf Goggles and Anti-fog utiltiy
  3. Is your style and design protected?
  4. Writing your own patent & claims
  5. Sara Blakely and Spanx – The Billion Dollar CEO
  6. How Kurtis Saved 5K in patent fees
  7. Patent Pending might be best?
  8. Brant Berger vs Rossignol (See Previous Podcast)
  9. Kristen Prinz and ™ protection (See Previous Podcast)
  10. Every Fighter has a Punchers Chance
  11. Selling or licensing your patent.

Why you should read the Inventor’s Notebook by Maurice Kanbar.  Licence or launching your patent.  Ask your patent attorney how many products receiving patents actually make it to the market?  You will be surprised.



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