SGC EP4 – Horror, Success & How to Find an Attorney

Kristen Prinz, Prinz Law Firm

Kristen Prinz of The Prinz Law Firm joins Kurtis and Jon on this episode of the Surf Goggles Chronicles.  When should you hire an attorney?  When should you implement contracts?  Best practices moving forward. .   The Surf Goggles Chronicles was inspired by The Mouse Driver Chronicles – read this book by John Lusk and Kyle Harrison.

In this episode  of the Surf Goggles Chronicles

  1. Customer Service, warranties and being great.
  2. Being the most innovative and personable brand in the world.
  3. Stealing your idea or knocking off your products
  4. Manufacturing in the USA vs Asia
  5. The most common legal questions asked by entrepreneurs
  6. What is your goal for your business?  End Game?
  7. Equity and protecting your personal assets
  8. Are you protecting your content?  Building an asset?
  9. Your attorney should make you better, but be prepared to answer their questions
  10. Being naive can be a benefit when starting out.
  11. Self doubt and the entrepreneur
  12. Start-up – Incubator vs Accelerator  – what’s the difference?
  13. Start with the end in mind
  14. A Partnership, but who owns the Trademark?
  15. Felix Dennis – Kurtis finally understands him
  16. Nobody fights until there is money
  17. Advisory Board vs Board of Directors

You want people with a network, expertise or money when looking to share equity.  Horror statistics on marriage  and partnerships.  Read “The One Thing” and “The Art of Storytelling” as mentioned by Kristen Prinz.  Keep in touch with Kristen @PrinzLawFirm on twitter or

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