SGC EP3 – Building Your Dream or a House of Cards – Anthony Randazzo

Anthony Randazzo, Entrepreneur/Educator

Serial Entrepreneur and Cal Poly Business Educator, Anthony Randazzo join Kurtis and Jon on this episode of Surf Goggles Chronicles. Anthony explains how Perfect Conditions Board Bag Company was started in a dorm room. The importance of organic growth and what can happen if the economy makes a U turn. Plus how did one business as a sole proprietorship grow into 5 businesses with 3 partners and finally a house of cards.

In this episode of the Surf Goggles Chronicles

  1. Archies Ice Cream and Football Rivalry
  2. Why Kurtis Sponsors a Gumball Machine
  3. Ice cream, Tacos and Eyewear?
  4. No Broken Zippers
  5. Do Entrepreneurs get paid vacations and holidays?
  6. Rubbing Elbows with high rollers
  7. Gary V and Crush it (read this book)
  8. Why a service business makes money quicker
  9. Commission reps over salaried employees
  10. Scenario Forecasting

Kurtis reminds you to  “Don’t Die with Your Music Still in You.”  Why his patent attorney was so happy he turned his idea into a business.  The importance of seeking consult over opinion and more collaborations.  Anthony can be reached at . Plus check out .  Read Gary Vaynerchuk “Crush it”

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