SGC EP2 – A Bloody Fight – Berger Bindings vs. Rossignol – Patent Infringement – Brant Berger

Brant Berger, Entrepreneur

Inventor Brant Berger joins Kurtis & Jon as they discuss patents and building Berger Bindings on this episode of Surf Goggles Chronicles. How Brant went from an idea, to over 1.5 Million raised in investment, to his first 1 Million dollar order. What happens when you poke the 500 pound gorilla?

Is your patent only as good as your ability to fight it? What is SEO? Kurtis gives his take on why you should be looking beyond SEO for your website and look into everything above the fold in a google search. Jon explains the importance of incognito browsing to check your results.

In this episode of the Surf Goggles Chronicles

  1. Google Images vs Google Shopping Images
  2. How we market to Australia and what we should be doing
  3. Keywords for adwords and youtube
  4. Incognito and your private browsing history
  5. Flickr, youtube and instagram
  6. Kurtis vs Amazon – Who won?
  7. Berger Bindings vs Rossignol
  8. Patagonia says NO, but did they have the power to say YES
  9. How to start your company
  10. LLC, Benefit Corporation, Sole Proprietorship, C Corp

How to start your company A, B, C.  Do you have $150 or $1,000 dollars to start your company?  Kurtis and Jon explain what they did and how they would do it differently today.  Time to think of your URL or domain name as real estate.  Plus if you have a day job their are many advantages to starting with an LLC, umbrella protection, pass through of taxes and much, much more.  Plus the inspiration behind Surf Goggles Chronicles and why you must read “The Mouse Driver Chronicles” by John Lusk and Kyle Harrison. .

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